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Your services have been outstanding every time. I've had the unfortunate opportunity to use your services four times in the last four years. All of the staff are excellent, and Mike was extremely helpful. 
~ Pamela   S. - 11/22/2019

Olivia and Jolene went out of their way to make sure everything was exactly what we wanted. Excellent people, completely satisfied.
~ Pam   O. - 11/13/2019

Mike Benedick was very thoughtful, courteous and walked us through the entire process at our pace. He listened to our desires and needs, and satisfied them in a professional and respectful manner. Completely satisfied.
~ James   R. - 11/4/2019

We greatly appreciate all the kindness your staff showed our family during both of our services. Olivia has been with us through both my mom's and dad's funerals, and she was kind and sympathetic. Robyn was also helpful and kind. 
~ Christina   B. - 10/25/2019

The transport people that came to our home were exceptionally respectful of the family and my deceased husband while they prepared him for transportation. Even with a room with a lot of people, they made sure they didn't cause chaos. They were were gentle, and I was very surprised when they asked if there was anyone that wanted to say a final goodbye. This helped me while they left with him. I knew they would take care of him for me on his last trip to town and his final rest.
~ Jessica   B. - 10/15/2019

Robyn helped us plan a service we were very proud of and I'm sure my dad would have been, too. She's very detail oriented and was excellent about keeping us on track during the planning process. She is also very compassionate and sincere, and spent as much time as we needed to explain everything. Esther and Jolene were also very helpful.
~ Leona   B. - 10/4/2019

With the suddenness of my wife's passing, your entire staff was absolutely outstanding. All went beyond mere duty to make sure everything was up to and beyond expectations. Even the surprises were handled professionally!
~ Don   D. - 9/25/2019

We were very satisfied with your services and would recommend them to our friends and family. Olivia stands out in my mind as a caring, gentle lady and is an excellent representative of your funeral home.
~ Joy   F. - 9/12/2019

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