Obituary photo of Jack Schaeffer, Olathe-KS
In Loving Memory of

Jack E. Schaeffer

1929 - 2021
Obituary photo of Jack Schaeffer, Olathe-KS
In Loving Memory of

Jack E. Schaeffer

1929 - 2021
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Jack E. Schaeffer Life story video
Jack was born in Wichita, Kansas to Lewis W. Schaeffer and Lillian Marie (Pfanschmidt)
Schaeffer. His grandparents were Fred and Anna Pfanschmidt. He was the oldest child
and had three other siblings: Bob Schaeffer, Deanna Rogg and Dick Schaeffer. He was
especially close to Bob, who was two years younger than him; they spent many happy
hours riding their bikes through Topeka and collecting cans.

Jack grew up in Topeka, Kansas as a boy, graduating from Topeka High School. While
attending the University of Kansas, he made several good friends from his fraternity and
KU, including Clete Kappelman, Don Chappel and Ken Ehrlick. He also met Mary Ann
Pauley in Lawrence. He and Mary Ann were married in Lawrence on December 28,

Jack received a degree in pharmacy from KU, and after graduation moved back to
Topeka to start his career as a pharmacist at Jaquith’s drug store. Jack and Mary Ann’s
oldest daughter, Janae, was born in Topeka.

They moved to Emporia, Kansas so Jack could take a job at Berg and Frost pharmacy,
his workplace until he retired. He benefited from the mentorship of Carl Berg and was
close to Carl’s wife, Marie. He built several new locations for Berg & Frost (W. 12th and
by St. Mary’s Hospital) and made friends with many customers and doctors there.
Jack and Mary Ann’s daughter Jill Anna and their son, Fred (both named after Jack’s
grandparents) were born In Emporia. All three children graduated from KU.

Jack loved to fish and hunt, play bridge, watch the Chiefs and Jayhawk basketball and
ride around in the country. He made many dear friends in Emporia.

Jack is survived by his three children: Janae Schaeffer (Stan Williams), Jill Hayden
(Dallas) and Fred Schaeffer. He is survived by four grandchildren: Lauren White (Dan),
Austin Hayden (Stephanie), Kelsey Huston (Doug) and Ben Schaeffer. He is survived
by six great-grandchildren: Franklin White, Sullivan Jack White, Tucker Huston, Tenley
Huston, Hannah Hayden and Hallie Hayden. He is also survived by his brothers, Bob
and Dick, and his sister, Deanna.

In lieu of flowers, you may donate to the Alzheimer’s Association or to Kindred Hospice
-Lenexa (8735 Rosehill Road, Suite 200, Lenexa, Kansas, 66215) Jack will be interred beside his wife Mary Ann at Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas, where his mother and father are also interred.

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