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Having someone navigate the emotional waters of losing a loved one is the most beneficial thing a funeral director can do. I am truly grateful for the empathy that was extended to me and my family. Mike Benedick was gracious, helpful and efficient, and the calm we needed in this type of situation.
~ Cynthia   D. - 12/18/2020

We had one service for both of my parents because they passed away two days apart. Robyn Miller Forkner was wonderful to work with. It felt like we were being helped by a relative. She was gentle and patient, and on the day of the funeral everything went smoothly and was beautiful. And Heather Schaller has patiently helped with the marker process. Thank you!
~ Carmelita   M. - 12/9/2020

We couldn't have asked for better service. Chris Holland was awesome and helped us every step of the way. Thank you to Claire Hendrix for the support and everything she did the day of the reception. 
~ Carrie   M. - 12/3/2020

Olivia was excellent to work with. Very attentive to our wants and needs, never over-bearing or hurried. The process wasn't so daunting with her guidance.
~ Brent   S. - 11/30/2020

I have seen for several years the professionalism given to families but never experienced it firsthand until now. Robyn was so attentive to any little detail she could help with. She even suggested posting the service online as two close family members couldn't attend. Everyone was very professional and caring. Many people have told us that the service was the best they had ever been to. The staff went 'all out' for myself and family.
~ Suzanne   C. - 11/16/2020

Completely satisfied! I really can't say thank you enough for all your services over the years with preplanning and then when I lost my parents. You have been a true blessing in the most difficult of times. Every single staff member has gone way above and beyond to be kind and helpful. I really can't put into words how thankful I am and how wonderful you all are!
~ Janey   C. - 11/4/2020

It was a pleasure meeting Olivia. She had a lot of patience and was warm and welcoming at all times. Everything was perfect - thank you!
~ Roxanna   G. - 10/20/2020

We couldn't be any more pleased with the services we received from Robyn and Penwell-Gabel. Robyn was wonderful to work with. She made the complete process of making the numerous decisions efficient and easy. We plan to use her again in planning my husband and my services.
~ Donna   S. - 9/29/2020

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